The Content is not working properly? Read How to Fix!

The Game Patch 1.26 that has been released with Pets, changed the initial Rigs and the content 100% working on previous versions, now may have lots of bugs and issues.
Thanks to TSR Community, the custom content released until 18 October 2011 now can be easily fixed by using their tool.
It’s very easy to use, same as all other TSR Applications.

Please use the following links and follow the indications about how to fix the content.

Step 1 – Preparations

Step 2 – Fixing your Game

Step 3 – Fixing your Content

TSR Pets CC Bug Fixer will solve all the problems as we tested it and we can confirm that it’s 100% working.
The existing files on The Sims Key will not be replaced with 1.26 updated files, because we want to give to our downloaders the option to use them on previous game versions.
It would be unfair to oblige downloaders to chose between a previous game version or Pets + TSK Custom Content.
By downloading our content, you can use it in any game version you want.

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