Paris 2.0

The Sims 3 Paris World was the first world project and the largest project attempted by The Sims Key.
After EA released World Adventures which offered us the ability to travel to France, but only to the rural area, we decided to start working on the urban area.
We’ve tried to make Paris to be a different type of world, putting the player into a different area of gameplay and experiencing a more closer interaction with the city itself.
Using this world, the player could get more familiar and taste some of the feelings you get living in one of the most cultural and beautiful cities in the world.

We know that not all Sims players enjoy worlds that requires lots of expansion packs or stuff packs, but in the same time, we can’t limit all players to an undeveloped city by not using all offered resources by EA.
The Sims 3 Paris 2, is an updated file of the first Paris World, which also includes elements from new expansion packs like Ambitions, Generations and Pets.


Les Invalides Area Converted
Amount of Cobblestones Reduced
Roads Re-Connected
Distant Terrain Added
More Green Areas Added
Trees Re-arranged
Places Re-arranged
Main Road Textures Changed
Lots Re-arranged
Lots Named
Description to Lots Included
Streets Address Included
Metro Line Remade
Metro Stations Renamed
New Spawners Included, Up to Date acording to Ambitions, Generations and Pets
Main Texture Changed
More Traffic Signs Included, acording to new Expansion Packs
Weather Changed
Environment Changed
Seine Color and Specs Changed
Some Errors in Terrain Sculpting Corrected
Pasarelle Debily Height Corrected
Families Included

The Following Lots Added:

Equestrian Center
Horse Ranch
Fire Brigade
Hangout Bar
Exclusive Lounge
Fusion Lounge
Dive Bar
Sports Bar
Place in front of Pantheon
Backside of Jardin du Luxembourg
Movie Studio
Palais de Justice
Palais du Trocadero-Re Furnished
Fontaine de la Concorde Re-made
Palais Garnier
Jardin des Tuileries
Sacre Coeur Basilica
Cemetery Pere Lachaise
Few Consignment Stores
Few Cafes and more…

Paris World2 Screenshots 2
Sims 3 Paris World includes a total of 320 lots, residential and community.
The whole city is crossed by the river Seine, and there are ten bridges over the river, connecting the Paris districts.
Large Parks are spread all over the city, closing in to the real Paris atmosphere.
The districts and important places such as Louvre, Eiffel Tower or Jardin du Luxembrugh are connected by a subway network.
A big variety of cobblestone types are used in roads, sidewalks and important places such as Place de la Concorde or Place de la Republique.
Aprox 30% of residential lots are fully furnished.
Aporx 40% of residential lots are built respecting the Paris Haussmann architecture, but they aren’t furnished.

Aprox 30% or residential lots are empty, waiting to be built by the player.
Community lots, representing real Paris buildings such as Grand Palais, Royal Palais or Les Invalides, are fully built in the exterior, using custom content and getting as close as possible to the real Paris buildings.
Due to custom content limits, those community lots aren’t furnished.
The Sims Key will release future contents, related to Paris important buildings including furniture and more architectural elements.

To get more accurate to real Paris streets network and urban atmosphere, its lots have a custom size comparing to official EA Worlds.
Most of the lots are: 56×30 and 48×26.
Standard sizes such as 40×30, 30×20 or 64×64 are also present in world file.

All Base Game rabbitholes are present in community lots, some of them being placed twice due to the city size.
Expansion Pack rabbitholes up to Pets are also present.
Rabbitholes from Showtime and after are not present and they are waiting to be placed by the player.

Considering the game size limits, monuments are placed geographically correct as much as possible in correlation with the real Paris.


For more informations: HERE

For more screenshots: HERE

The Sims 3 Paris World requires:
World Adventures, Ambitions, Late Night, Generations and Pets Expansion Pack.

No other EP or SP is required to play Paris World.

Required Version:

The Sims 3 Paris includes the following:

-Arc de Triomphe de’l Ettoile
-Arc de Triomphe de Carrousel
-Arc de Triomphe de la Porte St.Denis
-Notre Dame de Paris
-Église Saint Eustache
-Église Saint Sulpice
-Basilique du Sacré-Cœur
-Gare Saint-Lazare
-La Bourse de Commerce
-Les Halles
-Les Invalides
-Musée d’Orsay
-Musée du Louvre
-Jardin du Luxemburgh
-Jardin des Tuileries
-Grand Palais
-Petit Palais
-Royal Palais
-Palais de Justice
-Palais Garnier
-Père Lachaise
-Place du Châtelet
-Place de la République
-Place de la Concorde

Minimum System Requirements:

>Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.2 GHz
>Video Card: 256 MB DirectX 10.0–compliant
>HDD Space: 300 MB

Recommended System Requirements:

>Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad 2.0 GHz
>Video Card: 512 MB DirectX 10.0–compliant
>HDD Space: 300 MB

Required additional files:

Woman Statue 1 – sims3pack
Woman Statue 2 – sims3pack
Basilica Set – package
Garnier Set – package
Tomb Architectural Elements – sims3pack
Tomb Decorations and Urnstones – sims3pack
Tomb Decor – sims3pack
Tombstones and Sarcophagus – sims3pack
French Windows Set – package
Niche Set – package
Statues for Niche – sims3pack
Parisian Kiosk – sims3pack
Woman Warrior Statue – sims3pack
Woman Leader Statue – sims3pack
Petty Ilustrations – sims3pack
Woman Statue Large – sims3pack
Paris Custom Content – package

Notice! Paris Custom Content file has been uptaded, so even if you have it since the initial version of Paris, you’d need to redownload it in order to complete the new items required by Paris 2.

Without having the required additional files, technically the world is playable but may look very inappropriate comparing with the description or screenshots.
File Version: 2.0

If you don’t meet the requirements for this version, the first release of Paris is still available HERE.

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I just started playing Paris 2.0 after a long pause. I downloaded it when I was still pretty new to sims and had no expeience in world building. I’ve since built a few worlds of my own. As I have been playing in Paris this time (using Traveller mod and other nraas mods) as a vacation world, I realized the world is populating with French sims! First of all, i don’t think this world is pre-populated…or is it? Can it be the game is self populating with only sims Generations champ le sims? How on earth did you do this? It’s fantastique!

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