Long Braid – Converted


Long Braid converted from The Sims Medieval to Sims 3 as Hair.

I love it! 72

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Thank you very much, I hoped someone would convert this

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Thank you for the wonderful Downloads

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You know I’m loving you right now, right? <3 <3 <3

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Thank you for this hair. I love it!!

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Great work!

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For some reason when I try to download this and also the medium ponytail I get a message saying it’s no longer there. :S

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@ Sean:

I’m afraid you came from a website that broke TOU, and you have to clear your cache.
Here: http://thesimsk.com/faq-tou/ at the end of the page you see how to reset your cache browser, then the download link will fully work.

Also I recommend to not navigate websites which use hotlinks because they mess up with your cache and you may have these kind of problems on many other websites.

Thank you very much!

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