Jester, Harlequin – Outfit


Jester / Harlequin Outfit for Young Adult and Adult Females.

The Outfit can be recolored in 3 parts and there are 3 different types of models.

First model is the basic model of Harley Quinn, the second model includes scratches, and the third model includes also a Corset and a belt on the left foot.

The other elements seen in the picture can be found here:



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Wonderful, fabulous, fantastic, incredible, amazing, heaven-sent! <3 <3 <3 All I have to say is: Thank you, and: I hope there's a male jester, too! ^-^ That way I can do a Clopin sim from the Hunchback of Notre Dame! 😛 lol

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Amazing! I hope it will work in my game. They look so cool and sexy as well. Now I can complete my Batman and Joker Families XD

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