Corsets Pack


Corset Pack – Donation Gift

  • This set includes a total of 5 new corsets.
  • Each model is recolorable in 4 parts.
  • 4 Models are for full body and 1 model is for top
  • Requires Late Night Expansion Pack

Format: Sim3pack

Sexy Corset

Legacy Corset

Bow Tie Corset

Lace Buster

Luxury Corset


I love it! 29

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Amazing job they look great

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como lo descargo?

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OK, I PAID for this outfit with Pay Pal. Now, how do I download it???

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@ Sheri Dean aka Gtrgrl:

Sheri, you received your content within 24h as it says on the website.
Thank you for supporting TSK.

I made the donation how do I download it?

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@ dutchmen100:

The donation has been made “Mon 23:41”.
The file has been sent to your email address “Mon 23:42”.
Thank you for supporting TSK.

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